Elements of Art: Line

Line is one of the elements of art

How line is formed/expressed can convey a wide variety of ideas and emotions.  In this assignment, each student will create an entire page filled with an assortment of line styles conveying different emotion by using different line qualities.

Following the discussion in class, each student will:

  • Step One:
  • Experiment with line quality by creating 24-25 (depends on how you divide your paper) 2″x 2″ squares with pencil. 
  • Experiment with all different types of line: angles, curves, jagged, wavy.
  • Vary the thickness and vary the amount of space each line takes up


Step Two:

  • Using a new sheet of drawing paper, divide the paper up to make six 3″x3″ squares. 
  • Using this paper, each student will create boxes filled with lines that convey the six basic emotions: Happiness, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, Surprise, and Anger. 
  • Figure out how to convey each emotion as a non-representational object.  The viewer should not be able to identify what is drawn, rather it needs to convey the emotion simply by the line quality. 

Below are three excellent examples of the six emotions/lines:

Final Version:

Now combine all six emotions and design into one flowing and integrated drawing. The first version will be done in graphite, the final version will be done in either black Sharpie or India ink.

Below are some excellent examples of final versions

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