Emiliano Ferro

My name is Emiliano Ferro. When I create art, my goal is to enjoy myself. Art is like a relaxing hobby I’m able to do, however, art for me is not just pencils, paper, and drawing. It is photography, engineering, and digital design. Being able to make whatever comes out of my mind is an amazing skill to have. The satisfaction of making a good-looking design or product that you made with your own hands, is my art. I try to make all my artwork with the best quality that I can, I create, I prototype, and then I refine the art. My artwork shows my imagination and my personality. The amount of work and creativity shows your personality, it shows how much you care about other aspects of life. For me, I believe my artwork shows my careful attention to detail and my care for my audience. I hope that my artwork shows a positive impact on the world and helps other people find their interest in certain ways of art. 

This is some of my work that I have done.

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