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Foothill Technology High School is a public magnet school located in Ventura, CA. We offer grades 9-12 and specialize in visual arts.

CTE stands for Career Technical Education. Our CTE Pathway, called GRAFX, focuses on art production and creative expression.

As a GRAFX student, you will develop your visual communication aesthetic and create a digital portfolio showcasing your artwork and design skills. You will also have access to our GRAFX Lab, a production studio where you can work on digital projects and explore mixed media.

We believe in celebrating our students’ achievements. Your work will be showcased both online and on-campus, allowing you to share your talent with the community.

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How to Acquire our Visual Arts Services

Discover the exciting world of visual arts at Foothill Technology High School. Immerse yourself in art production and creative expression through our comprehensive CTE pathway.

Join our vibrant community of artists and innovators by applying to Foothill Technology High School. As a public magnet school, we welcome students from grades 9-12 who have a passion for visual arts.

Through our GRAFX courses, you will have the opportunity to develop your visual communication aesthetic. Learn how to effectively convey your ideas and emotions through various art forms.

Showcase your artwork and design skills by creating a digital portfolio. Display your creative journey and highlight your best pieces in a professional and visually appealing manner.