Jaemin’s Projects

My name is Jaemin Oh, and I am an artist who loves to edit videos using After Effects. I mainly edit videos of cars, which I film using just an iPhone 15 and a gimbal. My main goal as an artist is to shoot and edit high-quality videos and turn them into a masterpiece in After Effects and Premiere Pro. Some of my struggles include finding the right location to film the car, getting good clips of the subject, and sometimes the editing process. Despite all these struggles, I manage to impress (hopefully) the people who admire my work with my skills in editing. I first start with finding the right song for my edit and think of many different types of shots for the car. I then film them and transfer the clips to my Macbook where the editing begins. I tried many different editing methods until I was satisfied with the results and I am finished!

Video Editing

Edited in After Effects 2022

Poster projects

Edited in Photoshop 2022

Logo Projects

Edited in Illustrator 2022

Unedited Videos

Shot with iPhone 15 Pro

Macro Shots

Shot with Canon

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