Loral Karian

Loral Karian makes art for the fun and the beauty of it. She enjoys learning new concepts and making new art. Her themes for the most part encompasses expression and joy, but she wants to mature her art more and believes that drawing or making art that expresses darker emotions or topics could be a growth point in her artistic career.  

Loral is focusing more on photography, and digital art at the moment but physical art (water colors, acrylics, etc.) is something she plans to learn more about. Her influence to make art comes from watching people do something they love and work at improving their skill in it. Their growth inspires her to grow in art. This could be watching people enjoying their day, laughing, doing creative activities, it all inspires Loral to make new art. She is currently working on some photography pieces to display people enjoying their day to day life as well as digital art pieces to work on proportional people and more movement. 

Her goal moving forward is to make her art more mature and expressive. She is improving her art for herself and she hopes to continue her growth in the subject. It is an outlet to express herself and show the world something she loves to do.

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