Notan Project


“notan” from the Japanese word that means “dark light harmony”.

Each student will work with shapes to create striking designs.  The use of positive and negative space creates shapes. Designs are cut from a square piece of black paper.  Using the white paper background and black piece, each student needs to create a visually balanced design. Each student will create two different designs. Each student can choose their designs. Options include geometric shapes and organic shapes.

  1. Designs will be drawn with a pencil on black paper.
  2. The side that is drawn on will be face down when glued to the larger white paper.
  3. Show the finished design to the instructor before cutting the black square.
  4. Cut out the pieces. The cutting will be done with X-Acto knives.  
  5. The design should be made up mostly of medium and small pieces.  
  6. Glue down.

Student Examples:

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