GRAFX is a CTE pathway that focuses on art production and creative expression. Each pathway student will develop their visual communication aesthetic and create a digital portfolio showcasing their artwork and design skills. The Grafx lab is a production studio available for students to create digital work and mixed media. Student work will be showcased online and on campus.

The GRAFX pathway is composed of two courses:

Commercial Digital Media & Design Honors (DMAD)

Advanced Digital Media Arts & Communications Honors (Adv. DMAC)


Digital Media, Arts, and Design (DMAD) is the concentrator course for students in the GRAFX pathway. The course is designed to help students explore advanced digital media skills that are consistent with current industry standards and applications.

In this course, students will learn to use digital SLR cameras for both video and photography and effectively use studio lighting and natural light to create professional-quality imagery. They will work individually and in collaborative groups to design, create, critique, and present projects using technology and industry-based software, including Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4d, Lightroom, Adobe Audition, and InDesign, all common in the professional world.

The course builds on the foundational base established in digital photography and design, and students will further expand, develop, and apply their knowledge of the elements and principles of art, design, and aesthetics. They will improve their observational, analytical, and critical thinking skills while obtaining and applying advanced abilities in the use of digital technology for artistic expression and production of digital media. They will engage in a comprehensive exploration of the various aspects of visual communication including history, theory, technology, and practice. They will critically observe their visual environment, solve design problems, and influence behavior through the use of digital media.

This course will develop a professional entrepreneurial spirit and provide hands-on experience in the digital media arts industry. After completing this course, each student will possess the skills necessary to obtain an entry-level job in the digital media arts field. Students earn honors credit for this course by completing class assignments as projects for real-world clients. In addition, each student will complete a professional portfolio and online presence to demonstrate mastery of digital media.


Advanced Digital Media Arts and Communication (ADV. DMAC) is a course that integrates fine art, design, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills into real-world projects. Building on the foundations of Digital Media Arts and Design (DMAD), students in ADV. DMAC will create artwork and designs that can be used and displayed on campus and in the community. DMAD and ADV. DMAC aims to empower students to express their creativity and showcase their design talents. ADV. DMAC is the final course for the Graphic Arts (GRAFX) pathway. Students will choose their focus for the course, whether it is design, photography, or video production. ADV. DMAC offers more flexibility for students to select their projects and expects them to work independently.