Irick Catanach

The focus of my artistic work is to edit photos and more complicated designs into simple flat vector pieces so that they can be made into many different physical mediums.

This is primarily because of the two programs that I am a part of at school. This being DTech and Graphx. Through both of these programs, I have access to many different machines and mediums through which I can turn my designs into physical pieces. Vinyl and a combination of laser engraving and cutting are the two forms that I work with the most. I take my simple vector designs and alter them to the medium to create Vinyl stickers and shirts, as well as different magnets, coster, and key chains using the lasers.
Currently, through the laser in DTech, I am creating awards for some of the history teachers at the school to give out to some students for the semester’s final project. Further, in the coming months, I will with Dtech, be selling my products at the different DTech events as well as the Ventura Strawberry Festival.

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