Evan Conlee

My name is Evan Conlee, I am a Junior at Foothill Technology High School and I am enrolled in DMAD and DTech. My passion in art lies in photography and digital design. I prefer the use of color and shades over highly advanced and flowing art. I like to portray visually appealing designs and often create art due to my own interests. Within art, I am lacking when it comes to drawing or painting, and I excel more using digital tools to create art. My talents with math give me a preference for geometric designs where I can carefully place everything within it, and I can then use color to add more to the artwork. 

My interest also extends to photography, where I can have much greater control over the end result due to digital tools. Using a camera, I can take a multitude of shots and have a wider range of available photos. I often prefer having darker shots or low exposure to have a more dynamic view. 

Art extends past just being in my DMAD class, but also within my DTECH class. I can use lasers, Cnc’s, 3d printers, or more to bring it into physicality. 

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