Camilla Lewis

My body of work consists of photography and cinematography, using visual spacing, various colors, and lighting, to convey the feeling of loneliness that can occur during adolescence. My goal is for my work to evoke a feeling of nostalgia, speaking to the audience so that they can relate back to a time in their childhood where they felt singular against the world. 

My form of work is mainly fine-art photography, and I often prioritize empty space, as well as monochrome colors within my frames. Most of my work is staged, while some comes to mind while taking walks. Some of my influences include Diane Arbus and Dorothea Lange, as well as Sofia Coppola with Lost In Translation and Virgin Suicides, and Greta Gerwig with Lady Bird.  

Coming up, I will be starting a photo series and making a silent short film with my friend over summer. The photos will be black and white, playing around with the theme of isolation. The short film will be a coming of age, having our friends be the actors with costumes, playing around with furs, polka dots, and lots of stripes.

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