Liam Connell

Liam Connell is a sophomore at Foothill Technology High School. He pursues art because he believes that it is one of the most essential tools for self observation. When he creates his posters or designs what he is really doing is expressing the aspects of it which someone cannot audibly describe or put into words. The music posters that he has done have been more accurate to this description, as he believes that music is better shown artistically rather than linguistically. For his future in design and other artistic endeavors he hopes to continue subtly showing what cannot be spoken. He would like to cover as many mediums as he can during his sophomore year so he can see what he enjoys most in creating pieces. Additionally, as he tries his hand in the art of music he will attempt to elicit emotion and tell a story of sorts through whatever he finds enjoyable to listen to. Liam would like to think that making art and music will help him become more of an individual, as he seems particularly unremarkable among his peers.



For this project I used positive and negative space to create an illusion of a whole. For the honeycomb design I used contrasting colors and angles to create the vague shape of a rectangle without filling it in. For the star design I used the shadow of the black star and put it over the white smaller shapes, revealing the star. In both designs I saw what amount of visible lines make or break a shape.


This is a compilation of all the main posters I did over the years. I tried to encapsulate what the product, organization, or band was about and concentrate it into one image.


For my music project I used the split feelings of No Surprises and encapsulated it into a performance that I am proud of. I used the bright spring Ventura hills as most of the backdrop to show the bright guitar lead but occasionally switched to a more shadowy and moody environment to show the melancholy of the musical piece. The music videos plot was a sharply dressed man was being interrupted by a barrage of phone calls, and simply wished for no alarms and surprises. The cigarette I smoked during the second to last shot was fake, as I am against underage consumption of substances.

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