Brandon Wofford

I am Brandon Wofford, a digital artist that also partakes in some photography. I enjoy making line art that I can take from my computer onto a real life object. Whether that involves printing designs on shirts or mugs, or making magnets out of acrylic or wood, I am very interested in designing things that can be used with laser machines, CNCs, and other 2D machines. I do a lot of this in my DTech class, where I have created several products and designs for Ventura’s downtown businesses. However the process does not end there, as I also take professional photos of all of my products.

Overall, if I were to go from start to finish, the process for designing and producing a product all starts on paper or in my head. I first imagine a design that would work well for the product I am thinking of, and then draw it on paper or design it in Illustrator. Once the design is created, I will start finding the materials for the product, and then use one of DTech’s machines to create it.


Shape Art


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