Tyler Wolowicz

His name is Tyler Wolowicz, and he is the Lead Intern in the DTech Academy. He has worked with the YMCA, For Your Home, Ecugreen, and many other businesses in the Ventura County Area.

As an aspiring artist, he is driven by a desire to incorporate art into his products to give them a unique aspect like no other. His art can be digital or physical. He often utilizes graphic design programs like Inkscape, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator to bring his two dimensional art ideas to a solidified form which can be laser cut. Additionally, he uses CAD (computer aided design) to 3D model any 3D scenes or sculptures that he wishes to bring to life using 3D printers. By creating unique products like no other, on several different types of softwares, he hopes to provide art that is unique to my thoughts.

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