Dylan McBride’s art

I am Dylan McBride, I like photography and digital design. When I’m designing something or figuring out how to set up the subject of a picture I always try to add a bit of fun into it. Art can be very dramatized and made to seem much more serious than it is. So I try to add some fun and colors into all of my shots and designs.

With this picture of the Minecraft books we tried to add a more natural look to it using the dirt. However this made the whole thing look a little dull so we decided to add these red and purple crystals. This helped as it gave the image a bit more color into the picture, while also providing for a call back to the game itself.

My main inspiration behind this was that you always hear about sunsets, so what would a moonset look like. I liked this as it challenged me in trying to make it look like the water was illuminated by the moon.

The main inspiration for this was a sunset in a desert. I had seen a picture a few weeks prior to the making of this, and I really loved the colors in the sunset. So I tried to imitate that with the gradient. The cube pattern kind of has a never ending feeling. Which is very similar to how a desert can feel.

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