Genevieve Spear

Genevieve Spear is an artist. She loves to create eye-catching art pieces that reflect her bustling imagination. One of her biggest dreams is to become a successful creator when she grows up. Her art is meant to represent themes of creativity. Most of her pieces are based on pop culture or nature, with a colorful twist.

She mostly used Adobe Illustrator for her pieces, specializing in posters. She is inspired by all of her interests, including movies, video games, and reptiles. This is because she grew up playing video games and watching movies with colorful characters. When she makes her art she usually starts out with an idea for a design, then expands on that design with a main color and unique shapes. One of the designs that she made in Illustrator involves a blue-tongued skink in front of a pink rocky background, contrasting the skink’s beige and blue coloring.

In conclusion, her art explores her creative mind and love for pop culture and wildlife. Adobe Illustrator is used to achieve the signature thick clean lines and striking colors of her pieces. She plans on branching out into art pieces besides posters during her second semester. There are goals she has for future print designs for stickers that make use of negative space. She is currently working on a moth sticker and a dragon sticker.

This was a piece from a collection of nature inspired posters, this one specifically being inspired by eels and sea life.

A series of dragon/mythical creature inspired posters.

A poster based on the “Kirby” video game series featuring popular series antagonist “Zero.”

A symbolic poster based on evolution that also happens to be one of Genevieve Spear’s first pieces.

A colorful Peacock poster contrasting rainbows and black and white.

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