Inside the Artist’s Mind

Artist’s Mind: Project Details

We are all multifaceted people made from many influences.  The goal of this assignment is for each artist to share an insight into their mind and what makes the person who they are.  

Each student artist will be photographed in class.  Using their profile image, each artist will trace their silhouette using a piece of paper overlaid on top of the image.   Using the space inside the artist’s head, fill it with all the objects that make up the person. Examples could include reading, sports, music, films, quotes, poetry, lyrics, art, family, treasured objects, friends, and pets. The objects are to be sketched out and shaded to add detail. A small amount of the facial features should be incorporated into the drawing as well. Details will be given in class.

Take pictures of your favorite places in your home, your book or movie collection, and things you hold dear.  Do not bring in old photographs that could get damaged, instead take a picture of them with your phone.

Shading methods that need to be incorporated into the project are continuous shading, stippling, and cross-hatching. Pencil, pen/ink, and colored pencil are the mediums available for the assignment.

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