Abraham Lizarde

Artist Statement

Art is unique to everyone, so is their feelings towards it. I myself feel very distanced from art and photography and I like to convey that in the way I take my photos. Personally, I get most of my inspiration from street art, skating magazines, graffiti style artwork etc. My art is to show the lifestyle of skaters and skateboarding since I have a passion for it myself. As an artist I fell in love with the raw, exciting and careless culture of skateboarding. My work is meant to represent the freedom and raw energy this culture stands for. Pushing the limits and taking risks: exactly what skateboarding represents and what my art will expose and unite with.

Skateboarding is a journey, a journey that walks side by side with art. Embracing diversity, breaking barriers and standing out is how I create my art. With every click of the camera and every moment captured, I strive to convey this art we call Skateboarding.

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